At POSCO MPPC we are dedicated to the supply of rolled steel for the industry, our mission is to meet the requirements of our customers and stakeholders, through continuous improvement in all our processes, identifying our risks and opportunities.


It means to be a leader company chosen by our clients, offering quality in our processes and services, thus satisfying their needs, based on the trust and support of their Collaborators and contributing to the progress of the community and its environment.


Clients and stakeholders: In all areas we listen our clients voice fulfilling their needs and expectations.

Ethics: Act with responsibility and transparency in each of our areas.

Human Capital: We value our personnel, taking care of the rights of our employees, demonstrating their skills and abilities, reaching a better potential.



Beginning of operations at the Guanajuato plant.


Beginning of operations at the Aguascalientes plant


Beginning of operations at the San Luis Potosí plant


Beginning of operations at the Puebla plant

Quality Policy

At POSCO MPPC, quality is a fundamental part for all who integrate the company, focused on exceeding the expectations of the interested parties through compliance with applicable requirements, evaluation and prevention of risks, reduction of defects and waste, based on continuous improvement in all our processes.

Environmental policy

All of us who integrate the company are committed to environmental care and the prevention of pollution, which are an essential and integral part of our environmental responsibility.

Security policy

POSCO MPPC promotes a safe and pleasant work environment to prevent accidents and incidents, improving the health and quality of life of employees. To this end, POSCO MPPC establishes a Health and Safety policy, carrying out an internal management system to achieve it.